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Burch Metal Art

Hot Wings Dimensional Metal Wall Art by Ralph Burch

Hot Wings Dimensional Metal Wall Art by Ralph Burch

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Looking for something retro and fun for your Kitchen? Restaurant Art or Bar Decor? This makes me think of Home Cooking, Sports and Good Times!

Time to Spice up your Walls!

This handcrafted Made in the USA with good old American steel is the perfect addition for any Kitchen, Restaurant or Bar.

 It's Hot Wings Time!

The decorating uniqueness of dimensional metal wall art is its versatility. It can seamlessly blend with various interior styles, from cozy cabin to modern and contemporary to industrial or eclectic. The color of the Metal artwork compliments a wide range of color schemes and adds a conversation piece to any space. Whether hung as a focal point in your Sports Bar, Kitchen, Family Room, Man Cave, Patio, Living space or Restaurant, dimensional metal wall art effortlessly enhances the ambiance and aesthetic appeal of the room.

Moreover, the fact that these artworks are made in the USA adds a sense of pride and support for local artists and craftsmen.

  • Dimensional metal wall art is a three-dimensional form of artistic expression.
  • Dimensional metal wall art adds a unique and eye-catching element to any space, creating a bold and dynamic statement.
  • It seamlessly blends with various interior styles, from modern to industrial or eclectic, adding sophistication to any room.
  • Made in the USA, dimensional metal wall art showcases the craftsmanship and creativity of American artists.



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