Coffee Metal Wall Art by Ralph Burch

From: $265.00

This coffee metal wall art is a great way to add a touch of personality to your home, kitchen, dining room, office, coffee bar or restaurant. It is also a great gift for coffee lovers.

This dimensional wall art is a unique and stylish way to show your love of coffee.

You don’t have to be a coffee connoisseur to appreciate this wall décor, whether you’re a coffee enthusiast or not, this piece is sure to add a touch of style to your walls.

This coffee metal wall art is a beautiful and unique piece of home decor. It features a coffee cup with swirls of steam rising from it in color tones of rusts, browns and rustic whites. The cup is mounted and raised from the back piece of metal, giving it a three-dimensional effect, it is then attached to a flush mount wooden frame for easy hanging. The back piece of art has a variety of coffee names displayed and the words are all written in a modern font that gives the piece a fresh and contemporary look.

  • Here are some additional details about this artwork:
    • Available in 2 sizes…
    • Dimensions: 21 inches x 28 inches
    • Dimensions: 27 inches x 40 inches
    • Material: Metal mounted to flush Wooden Frame
    • Hand-crafted
    • 3-dimensional effect
    • Custom sizing available, please contact for information
    • Hand Made in the USA
    • Free Shipping within the US
    • Artist: Art Created and Designed by Ralph Burch


I hope you enjoy this beautiful and unique piece of metal wall decor


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